Hi there, my name is Pavel Slepenkov and I'm a software developer from Minsk, Belarus

My current primary specialization is data engineering and analysis with python, SQL, and AWS stack. I build ETL tools from scratch and use a modern data engineering technology stack to get things spinning.

Although, I have more than ten years of professional software development experience and more than twelve years of overall IT experience. During this time I worked with a wide range of technologies, some of which already retired, some thrives. I played many roles, including key developer, team leader, and system architect with different projects and companies. But with all these roles and responsibilities I'm still a developer who codes every single day. I'm a geek who's seeking new stuff in computers and networks just for fun and enjoys that.

I'm an active member of StackOverflow / StackExchange communities. I found that answering other people questions is a very fun and effective way to learn something new.

I'm currently with Apptio and Apptio Targetprocess as a senior BI/Data engineer. My main goal here is to provide data platform which improves and transforms business.

Current technology stack:

  • 🛠 Python
  • 🛠 Postgres / MSSQL
  • 🛠 AWS: Redshift, S3, Lambda, RDS, EC2
  • 🛠 Redis
  • 🛠 Tableau
  • 🛠 Node.js

Here're some of my public pages where you can get me know a little bit further