Cross-functional software engineer with a passion for data engineering and analysis, as I believe that data is the most valuable property of any modern company. Solve business problems with code, low-code, no-code, and common sense. Able to elaborate business needs with users and stakeholders, analyze them, design the solution, build it, run in production, and adopt across the users. Proficient with several programming languages, especially with Python and JavaScript. I also have a solid experience in as a developer and architect, which helps to decompose and understand applications and their data flows.


Feb 2021 - Present (Senior BI & Data Engineer)

  • Developed complext data migrations with T-SQL & DBAmp using graph abilities of MSSQL databases
  • Legacy ETL systems migration into new pipelines. Analyze and design migration plans, code migration.
  • Intoduced use of Tableau server automation via REST API with Python
  • Successfully adopted in new team after acquisition Targetprocess by Apptio

Apptio Targetprocess

Nov. 2016 - Present (BI & Data Software Engineer → BI & Data Team Lead)

  • Build and support of ETL pipelines and datawarehouses: data ingestion from different sources (GA/FB/LiveChat/Outreach) via API with Python, cleanup and transformation for further data analysis, loading into AWS Redshift / S3. Processing data with AWS Glue for analysis in Athena
  • Ongoing development and support of SaaS application telemetry system: processing stream of telemetry data, storing it in temporary storages, cleaning up and further processing with python with final destination in datawarehouse
  • Developed Quote-to-Cash application which saves ~$80k/year for a company
  • Involved in due diligence during company acquisition event
  • Developed a predictive lead scoring model for incoming lead prioritisation which resulted in huge reduce in manual work of SDRs and AEs
  • Debugged a lot of own code as well as legacy, migrated apps from Python2 to Python3
  • Created reports in Tableau for C-level management and external auditors
  • Improved sales/marketing processes by its automation and data analysis
  • Interviwed people for data analyst position

Epam Systems

Sept. 2011 - Nov. 2016 (SDE → Senior SDE → Lead SDE)

I successfully completed >10 projects for different Epam's customers including Fortune 100 companies. Also I was a trainer in Salesforce developer's Labs and a leader of local Salesforce developers community.

  • Managed team of 5 on migration Visualforce community cloud application to Lightning components framework
  • Developed financial applications with a complex credit scoring algorithms and wide set of integration via REST & SOAP API to 3rd party credit scoring systems
  • Performed a security audits and code reviews for parallel projects
  • Organized meetups for developers, was a speaker on these meetups
  • Improved teams productivity by introduction of CI/CD practices and TDD, consulted other teams on this topic
  • Interviwed people for SDE/Senior SDE positions
BelWillesden (IT Dept of retail chain)

Nov. 2009 - Sept. 2011 (Lotus Domino Developer)

  • Developed document management app in part of financial statistics and budgeting modules.
  • Developed internal Help Desk: tickets, team allocation, statistic module
  • Python: OOP, asyncio, funcy, pandas, matplotlib, seaborn, Django
  • JavaScript: Nodejs, ES6, React, Lightning Framework, AngularJS
  • AWS: EC2, S3, Athena, Glue, Lambda, IAM and security
  • Databases: AWS Redshift, AWS RDS, Postgres, MSSQL, NoSQL
  • Message Queues: Kafka, Celery+Redis
  • Advanced SQL
  • Linux
  • ETL Tools
    • Apache Airflow, Luigi, dbt
    • In-house built ETL frameworks
    • 3rd party: Fivetran, StitchData, Pentaho, Salesforce related ETL (Dataloader, DBAmp)
  • Tableau and JupiterLab
  • DevOps & CI/CD Pipelines: Docker, Jenkins, TeamCity, Ansible, Bash, GH Actions
  • Fullstack Salesforce developer, architect: Apex, VisualForce, Lightning, Salesforce APIs, Managed packages development
  • Aware of modern HTML/CSS
  • Software testing: unit and integration testing, UI automated testing with Selenium
  • Any kind of APIs (developing own ones and integration with 3rd party)
  • Full range of modern developer tooling
  • Have wide experience in Agile methodologies, as most of the projects which I was part of were using it. Moreover, Targetprocess itself is a project management tool which supports Scrum, Kanban and SAFe
Education & Certification
  • 7 semesters of software engineering specialization at Belarusian National Technical University
  • Certified Developer (Winter'13)
  • Certified Administrator (Spring'13)