.gitignore for Salesforce.com projects

Git is my favorite version control system with incredible collaboration platforms like GitHub or Bitbucket. Thus I’d like to share some Salesforce.com related config for Git


.project .settings .metadata salesforce.schema Referenced Packages *.sublime-project *.sublime-settings *.sublime-workspace apex-scripts/log build.properties config mm.log [/code]

Eclipse Related stuff Eclipse Platform is a base for Salesforce.com Official IDE thus in Salesforce projects you can find many configuration things which should not be added to a repository.

  • .metadata – This folder contains metadata information of Eclipse plugins
  • .project – Eclipse projectsalesforce.schema – just a file-placeholder for Salesforce Schema tool in Eclipse which is working with SOQL.
  • Referenced Packages – information about installed managed packages

Mavensmate Related Stuff

During a past few years Mavensmate is going to be a primary IDE for Force.com developers. This IDE works on top of Sublime Text editor (Atom is also supported), thus the following files and folders must be excluded from git repository:

The first 3 file extensions are self-explained

  • *.sublime-project *.sublime-settings *.sublime-workspace
  • config – Mavensmate configuration
  • apex-scripts/log – logs of execution Apex code from Mavensmate
  • mm.log – Mavensmate logs

Apache Ant (Migration Tool) related stuff

build.properties – properties for Apache Ant which is used as a base for Salesforce.com Ant Migration Tool. This tool provides a build automation functionality. Especially for Force.com projects this file contains credentials and keys which should not be added into git repository.